John Davision Rockefeller

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John Davision Rockefeller is an American industrialist. He has brought change in to the petroleum industry and has developed the frame work of modern philanthropy. John Rockefeller is the founder of Standard Oil Company that was established in 1870.He has run the Standard Oil Company until he retired officially in 1897.The standard oil company was established by John Rockefeller, his brother William Rockefeller, Samuel Andrew etc. The growth of the standard oil company and the ability to supply kerosene and gasoline by buying oil refineries that are below the required standards has made John Rockefeller the richest man in the world and the first American to own billion of dollars. This has been through his good decisions, hard work and the low prices that he charged for kerosene. After retiring in 1897 John Rockefeller has spent most of his life in developing Philanthropy. The philanthropy has a strong base and it has brought change in medicine, teaching and scientific research. He has developed various health researches that have helped in eliminating hookworms and yellow fever. He has also established learning institutions like University of Chicago and Rockefeller University. He has also spent his time giving help to charity works and also supporting many church based organizations as he is a devoted Christian. The success of the standard oil company that has made john Davision Rockefeller rich is as a result of hard work and dedication. This is because he started to work in Cleveland business community as a shopkeeper. During this time he was very hardworking and overwhelmed the employers. He used to organize transportation deals (.Rockefeller, 2003).Through his hard work and dedication he began trading his own account. He later started a business for himself and partnered with Maurice clerk. In order to start and sustain the business each contributed a certain amount to start the business. John Rockefeller natural ability has made the business successful. Rockefeller and Maurice have worked hard and entered the oil industry after Second World War and their business has been very successful. The Standard Oil Company was developed after the Second World War by John Rockefeller to export kerosene and gasoline. This business has been very successful as Rockefeller has bought most of the oil refineries in the country that are not meeting the required standard and also he has lowered the kerosene prices. This shows the Rockefeller ability to make clever decisions so as to boost the oil company. He has also looked for means of adding more partners into the business and also developing the business into horizontal and vertical integration. His handwork and proper decisions have made the firm more successful than other firms in the country. He has also established better ways of handling challenges that arise from the oil industry. The John Rockefeller business development skills are different from Bill Gates

John Davision Rockefeller

skills of developing Microsoft. This is because John Rockefeller has used hard work and dedication to develop his business into a success by making better decisions and looking for better ways of handling the challenges in the oil industry. He has also lowered the oil prices so as to get more customers. John Rockefeller has also encouraged other companies to partner with him so as to develop a successful business. This has made the standard oil company to grow enormously thus making John Rockefeller a billionaire. Bill gate has used his creativity to develop the Microsoft business and this has made the company more successful (.Rockefeller, 2003)


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