Broadcasting Radio


Broadcasting radio station has been existence since 1906, this stations use air waves to transmit sounds or even they use cables, local networking, satellite or of late they are using the internet. The most traditional mode here is the radio wave broad casting which is widely used today but with time there has been development of other modes of transmitting the sounds.

Primary service or product today:

Broadcasting radio today act as services providers, they provide services to both the listemnersand also the owners of means of production. Their main aim is to communicate issues to its listeners and it always aims to have a large number of listeners. The higher the number of listeners, then the higher the demand for commercials to be done by a certain radio station

Money in this business:

In the broadcasting radio stations money is made mostly through advertisements, when the companies come to know that a certain radio station has a large number of listeners then the companies tend to advertise with the radio station, advertisements are charged by the radio stations and their aims are to encourage listeners to buy more of these products.

Broadcasting Radio

The radio stations also charge on announcements made through the radio stations, these announcements include announcements about meetings or certain messages aimed to the masses, when these announcements are brought they are charged according to the air time they require and the frequency they are supposed to be repeated.

Therefore radio stations will get their money from charging companies that advertise with them and at the same time charge special announcements by people or companies that are through to them, this way they able to make money and continue in operation.


The radio stations are very profitable but the level of profits made by the radio stations depends on the number of listeners, the higher the numbers of listeners then the higher the level of profits, advertisements are made and charges depend on the number of listeners, when a radio station has many listeners then it will be more demanded for the purpose of advertising. Therefore this business is highly profitable but the level of profits depends on the number of listeners a radio station has approximately.

Key players:

Key players in this business include the production firms that give funds to these radio stations in order for the radio station to advertise their products so that their sales level will increase and in turn increase their profit levels.

Broadcasting Radio

The other key player here is the listener, the listener chooses which station to listen to and all that is said by the radio station is received, the listener is given information about the products available in the market and in turn is persuaded to buy these products and this makes the producers of these products to make high profits and in turn even advertise more to increase sales volume.

The other key player is the radio station and its presenters, they have to make sure that they are mostly listened radio station in order to be demanded more for the purpose of advertising, they are paid by advertisers and as a result make profits from having efficiently advertised these products and increasing the sales volume of these firms.

Recent developments:

The recent developments in this business is the adoption of internet broadcasting, in the past the only available way these stations would transmit their information was through radio waves but recent development in technology have enabled transition through the internet, cables and local networking, the adoption of these technology has made it possible for these stations to tap even more listeners world wide as the internet is available to every one in the world and it is possible to receive transmissions from anywhere in the world.

Competitive issues:

The number of radio stations have grown over the years and this has resulted to very high competition in these business, there are also other forms of communication such as the television which have out competed the radio stations, radio stations only give information through one form of sense which is sound, the television gives us sound and at the same time pictures, therefore the introduction of the television also led to very high competition to the radio stations.

Broadcasting Radio


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