How To Write A Turabian Style Paper

The Turabian style is named after its developer, Kate Turabian. It is mainly founded on the Chic ago

writing style and over time it has become a favorite for proffessors of history but that does not limit it to history papers as it can as well be used in a wide range of other disciplines. It is important to note that though this style is similar to the Chicago style, it should not at any time be confused with the Chicago style as there are some unique characteristics of each which must be adhered to whenever one is completing a paper in either.

When it comes to completing papers using the Turabian style, it should be noted that the authors names should at all times be given in the sequence in which they appear in the work you are citing from. However, in cases where there exists more than 3 authors, all the authors after the first author should be replaced with an et al. abbreviation. Hit has been noted with a lot of concern that students at times list the authors in the wrong order of names. It is important to note that an author as per the provisions of the Turabian writing style should be listed by his or her first name.

From the information gleaned above, it is clear that the Turabian style is one of the most citation styles around. This means that it is not easy for students to complete Turabian stlyle papers. While there are a variety of other referencing styles including but not limited to the APA referencing style, the MLA referencing style, the Harvard referencing style, the Oxford referencing style etc, the student does not have much say when it comes to choosing the referencing style. It should be noted that if as a student you have the discretion to complete a paper in any style, then the APA style could be your safest bet as it is easy to understand and apply. But what happens when your instructor needs Turabian stlyle papers?

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