How To Write Oxford Style Papers

An oxford style paper is a paper that has been written using the oxford style of writing. An oxford style paper involves the use of raised numbers for citing sources inside texts and footnotes at the bottom of the page or endnotes at the end of a division. A detailed bibliography list, commonly referred to as an annotated bibliography, is also included at the end of an oxford style paper. Oxford style papers are commonly written in the field of history and philosophy but are not limited to those fields only.

In an Oxford style papers, super-scripts markers which are generally raised numbers, are placed at the end of a sentence where an ideas from a source has been used. These markers can be numbered differently from one chapter to other of an oxford style paper making them chapter specific or numbered consecutively in the whole paper making them document wide. For every marker used there is a corresponding footnote or endnote containing citation reference or additional materials. In oxford style paper both quotation and paraphrasing is permitted.

The writer is allowed to summarize ideas from a source in his own word or quote the exact words used in the source. Shorter quotes of less than thirty words are presented within the relevant paragraph of oxford style papers while longer quotes are placed in their own separate paragraph which is then indented. Footnotes and endnotes are also used as mode of referencing in oxford style paper. They are usually sequentially numbered and correspond to the markers. The footnotes provide additional information about the sources that have been cited by the markers inside text. They usually contain information about the name of the author, date of publication, title, place of publication and year.

A foot note is found at the bottom of each page of the an oxford style paper while if it appears at the end of a particular division of an oxford style paper, such as a chapter, it is referred to as an endnote. In addition to the markers and the notes, the oxford style paper also involves the inclusion of a detailed bibliography at the end of document. In oxford style paper, each bibliography entry is accompanied by a brief description of the source and how it was relevant to the document hence the name annotated bibliography.

The bibliography of an oxford style paper will also include a list of sources that may have been consulted or studied by the writer but which were not directly used in that particular document. Bibliography entries in an oxford style paper are arranged in alphabetical order following the author’s surname. In oxford style paper listing a book source in the bibliography will follow the format; author’s surname, initial of first name, book title, publisher, place and year of publication while an internet article will follow the format; Author, A, Title of article , Name of site sponsor, year, retrieved day month year, web address. Writing oxford style paper require great deal of

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