SWOT Analysis



SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in an organization therefore SWOT analysis is the study done by an organization order to find its strengths and weaknesses, and what problems or opportunities it should deal with.


Strength is the ability of an organization to offer and deliver appropriate services to it customers. This is being catalyzed by the availability of modern equipment and its ability to employ skilled employees who are able to handle and tackle each and every problem. The organization can be able to offer each mode of the required good regardless of its cost or the processes it takes before it reaches its final stage.

If by mistake the commodity expires or does not yet have attained its capacity the company can be able to get another commodity instantly for it has already have similar products in the stock. Sometimes the world revolves itself or the authorities may decide to change the modes of certain products in a specific period of time and now the producers will have to follow the same path, due to their strength a company will be able to do the same without experiencing difficulties.

SWOT Analysis


This is where organizations usually depend on other large or of the same level organizations. The only function being done is only to ask for assistance and be given guidance on how to process the products and take them to the market. Sometimes the company is unable to make decisions on how to operate; usually it seeks managerial guidance from others.

In some occasions before it completes a whole project it has to leave some gaps which will be filled by the others and this furthermore weakness it as it is the one to pay for the services offered by the other companies therefore making a profit is only and just a dream.


Due to the company’s strength and the high quality of the products produced it is very easy for its products to get to the market. A lot of consumers will be willing to have those products therefore the company is able to make profit therefore need for expansion. Due to competition the company can take the advantage of its strength to lower the prices for it is already producing in a large quantity thus more customers will get in.


The main threats that a company gets is the high level of competition from the other companies forcing it to lower prices for its products. May be the cost of production was very high and now the company will have to encounter a loss which will limit its growth. Also there are other major threats such as price fluctuations which it’s mainly facilitated by the county’s economy and sometimes its products may lack market.

SWOT Analysis


The main vision of Dell Company is to see that it has built the largest Amateur radio site which has already fulfilled all the requirements. Every body in the world will now be able to surf without considering whether he or she is in a remote area where there is no network coverage. The company now will now be able to expand its services in each and every region globally and now many people will be willing to get access to the internet.

The other vision is that there will be personal computers that will be available in each and every place where there is the access to the Microsoft software. This will increase the number of computers and the more the increase the low the price and therefore many people will afford to have them.


The main mission of the company is to see that it has become the most successive company in the world with the main aim of attracting and getting the customers. This can only be successful if it improves its services and the quality of its products failure to which customers will not be willing to get involved in. The equipment should be attractive and of high quality and the level of technology should be modernized and be reachable to every corner of the world.

EFE and IFE matrix


SWOT Analysis

There should be no limitations in the size of their products as it will erode their uniformity therefore they will not be attractive. All equipments should be of the same size if they are to be designed for the same function, if a certain version is discovered and is allocated for the same function with the others, it should have the same size and shape. Due to this uniformity their products will easily get to the market and therefore more customers and more gain. This will increase its strength and opportunities in the market thus there will be more room for expansion.

There is the need for the proper programming using the languages that everyone can be able to understand especially the most popular ones. This will be beneficial to both the literate and the illiterate persons as they can be able to surf may be using the little knowledge they have. As a result of this the company will gain reputation and it will also be able to compete and gain more as compared to the other companies since kit will be enjoying the economy of scale.

They should have the database that can be interchangeable so that when one makes a mess he or she can be able to rectify it and if unable just use another one. This will ensure there is continuity of the work that was being performed therefore the work can be done within a short period of time. On the other side one can be to store a lot of information since the range of memory infinite therefore a lot of information can be stored.

All the systems should meet all the requirements in order to get to the market; they should have all the components that are required to enable their functioning system to work efficiently and accurately. When a customer buys one of their products he or she will not encounter any problem in future with it and if so they should guarantee it and replace it with another version of high quality.

Their products should be of high quality so as to be able to compete with other similar companies and get access to the market. When they find access to the market they should now lower their prices in order to attract more customers but having already considered if they can gain a profit because sometimes they may decide to do so and end up not gaining. But since

SWOT Analysis

they are operating in large scale market it is very rare for them to make a loss, this is furthermore catalyzed by their large volume of production.

Their large volume of production strengthens them and now they will be able to challenge any other company and definitely they will; emerges victorious. As a result of their strength and flexibility they will have a great opportunity of getting to the market since their products are of high quality and their technology rate is more prestigious in comparison to the others. The main problems that they may encounter in their exodus is the threats from the other similar companies due competition as they may decode to lower their prices and on the other hand ends up in a loss. Also due to their large economy of scale it becomes sometimes difficult to make decisions due to increase rates of departments thus mismanagement problems accrue.


The main aim of the company is to see that they have fulfilled all the requirement of their products that is their products are of high quality. This is to ensure that their products get to the market and the customers are happy with them and when they will buy will not meet any kind of problem afterwards. Here the company will make sure it has improved its quality and their versions are modernized and uniform. Due to the improvement of its services, it will also be able to challenge and compete against other major companies. This will increase its opportunities in the market and more customers will get attracted and be willing to buy.

Secondly the company aim is to make sure that it maintains the profit gained so as to be able to expand its operational areas. Also the profit gained will be used to stand for the company incase it ends up making a loss hence the normalcy of the company growth rate will continue. Having sufficient profit in its stock will help Dell Company have a regular flow of income in its financial budget, therefore the managers will be able to make quick decision of the company growth since they will have no blockages as they have sufficient funds to be used for expansion.

SWOT Analysis

Thirdly, the company ensures that its workers work on a clean and safe environment field therefore workers do not encounter of face any problem. This will give the morale to the workers and now they will be able to work extra hand therefore the rate of production will have increased. Due to the improved rate of production the company will lower the price so that those who cannot be able to purchase in the initial prices now can be able to buy. Also they will now be able to extend their network coverage across the world since they have modernized their equipments.


Dell is an American computer company based in Texas which was named after its founder Dell in 1984. According to the recent statistics it was classified as the second largest company in terms of computer productions. During its younger stages it used to be the largest seller of the personal computers but recently due to competition it lies in the second place after Hewlett Company.

Michel Dell used to be a student at the University of Texas where he developed the skills of making computers and in his first approach he named his company as PC’s limited. At this time he used to sell computer systems directly tom the customers and after investing much, he decided to expand his company and employ more workers in order to get access to the market.

Product positioning map

Strategic evolutions

Their first step is to deliver the products which fulfill all the requirements as their customers want, they do this by making sure that their products are of high quality and are modernized

SWOT Analysis

.Also they make sure that their products are unformed so as they can be admirable to the customers and everybody who may want just to have a look at them. This has brought success to the company as there are frequent numbers of customers who have been purchasing their products and therefore the company goes on gaining and expanding its services.

Secondly they first need to focus on how to improve their production level but not firs considering on how to come up with a new technology. Yes it’s good to keep on discovering new changes but before you do it you need first to look at your background because the future depends on the first. They can decide to bring in a new technology which after completion doesn’t satisfies customer’s needs and while on the other side they had not solved the problems they had that is their products had not attained requirements for it to get to the market.

Thirdly, it’s better to avoid thinking any time of technology innovation instead of first concentrating on the customer’s need. This may affect the company operational system because it rivals may try to do the same in terms of operating and the mode of goods may appear the same therefore confusing the customers. Afterwards the company will have lost its publicity since it has already been overtaken by the others. Therefore it is advisable to the Dell Company first of all to fulfill the customer’s need before thinking on how to innovate a new technology.

Due to these strategies the company has succeeded in all fields for it has first increased its production rate and improved the quality of its products to a higher level. This has attracted more customers for they regularly usually come to purchase their products. The impact of this frequent buying and gains has been observed in the areas of the company’s expansion rates and employments of more workers with good salaries.


SWOT Analysis

SWOT is a study done by a company or an organization in order to find its strengths and weakness and what problems or opportunities it should deal with in so as to make profit and expand its level of production. The study may sometimes encourage productions as if the statistics indicates there is access to the market while at the same time it may discourage production if there are signs of competition or if there are a lot of requirements or if the cost of production is high and they cannot be able to get to the market.