Support systems in health care:

There are various advantages associated with the support system in a health care center; the advantages will be realized if a proper system is put in place, the system should be designed in such a way that supports the needs of the users such that it is easy to record new entries, search record, edit record and also easy to navigate.

Some of the advantages associated with the system include storage of data, increasing efficiency,

Storage of data:

The system will help in storage of patient data; depending on how it is designed various types of data concerning an entry can be recorded example the date, time, names, diagnosis, date of birth, physician information and any important information. Data is stored in a systematic way such that each entry requires the entry of the different fields that are important. Data will be stored in the computer instantly and it is easy to access the data and also edit and update the data, this system therefore has many advantage compared to hard copied that are used to store data.


The adoption of the system will promote efficiency, the data can be accessed by as many users as possible at the same time from different computers, and this ensures that no time wastage occurs and also that the workers will not have to file data on shelves which is traditional way of filing. There will also be a reduction in the number of employees who are required to maintain data, the traditional use of papers and files requires the employment of workers who will aid in retrieving files and also storing the files, the computer system will reduce these inefficiency and

Systems in Health Care

result to an increase in profitability in health care centers.

Efficiency in communication is also enhanced by the system, information about a patient or physician can easily be sent from one computer to another, distant data access can also be enabled and therefore increases the efficiency of communication and also the storage of information.

Better diagnosis and services:

When this system is adopted especially with the use of queries and combo boxes then health officials can easily retrieve data from the data base whereby it is easy to diagnose the problem, data on a particular regular patient is easily retrieved and therefore it is easy to determine the their health status and problems they face offenly, laboratory results can be easily be retrieved through computers where the laboratory attendant will simply feed the results into the computer and the health officer will simply retrieve the data without wasting time moving from one place to another.


There are also some disadvantages that are associated with this system, one of the disadvantage include the loss of jobs to individuals who were previously employed to store hard copy data, another disadvantage is that the data base system requires capital to install example purchase of computers and also networking, this is a cost that a health care unit must incur for the installation of this system. However despite the many disadvantages associated with the system it will still increase efficiency in the work place through ease communication, storage of information and the ease to access information.