The People’s Health Care Association

Background information

The People Health Care Association (PHCA) was initiated in the year 1949 by Fr. Demetrious11. It currently has its head quarters in Washington, D.C where the organization maintains its statutory regulative and legislative issues (Quincy, 1998. pp 7). The organization provides essential medical care services to one million individuals in twelve thousand non profit health facilities across the country. PHCA board of governance and members and staff strive to satisfy the interest of the government, member providers and the general public.

Mission and vision

PHCA visions are the following;

– To secure and merit public and official reorganization and approval of the work of nursing homes.

– To adopt and promote programs of education, mutual cooperation, legislation and better understanding.

– To improve the standards of service and administration of member nursing homes.

The overall mission is to provide quality life and quality care to the general public keeping in mind the old, persons with disability and the sick through reasonable public policies. (PHCA

The People’s Health Care Association

constitution, 2009)PHCA in the recent past has made efforts to improve the management of its program so as to resolve mission critical management problem. These steps are as follows; there are routine monitoring of the main processes which are directed to satisfy the current customers and the ones to join. Secondly, there have been assignments of responsibilities to key partners to allocate appropriate resources so as to reduce operating cost, and time wastage as well as to ensure employee safety. It also aims to come up with a new document clarifying on evaluation of performance and job description of each staff within the next two years. This will also assist the management to demonstrate more responsibility in performing their duties. Superb performance will be rewarded semiannually through the golden reward program.

Key competence

The People Health Care Association has developed, cultivated and maintained quality partnership with organizations that share the same values, vision, goals and management through healthy communication. This has helped in providing quality customer service and earned public confidence. The drivers of quality are Ballinger health organization, American Health care, Western View hospital and Demetrius Nursing Home who are the partners. However, PHCA foresees a challenge in the near future due to current world’s economic crunch. It sees a situation that would enormously affect a wide population of the society. The tough time will affect peoples general earning and health wise as well. Hence the organization’s mission of ensuring quality life to the people is tempered with.

Perspective and out look

People’s Health Care Association plans to join hands with government health insurance companies. These companies are Medicare and Medicaid. It will help PHCA to reach people with little income and improve their health life. PHCA hopes to come up with programs with subsidized prices that would chip in in settling bills for the less advantaged in the society, within the next ten years. This will be at per with President Obama’s vision on health reforms of 2009 which helps to reduce health cost in America that has been unsustainable (Lee, 2009).

The People’s Health Care Association


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