Medication in America


Medication should be provided to all Americans regardless of the cost. However, this is not the case regardless of the fact that America is the richest industrialized democratic country in the world. Research conducted shows that fifteen percent of Americans do not access medical facilities and that thirty percent of the population receive inadequate medical services. Adoption of the current healthcare policy which has successfully worked in other countries has not been very successful to be implemented in America and has faced great opposition.

America and the Adoption of the Current Healthcare Policy

In relation to the population of the country, America spends the highest amount of money in the world for medication yet other countries spend less money and take care of the medical requirements of the entire population. Most of these countries that are caring for the medical requirements of their populations had adopted the current healthcare policy which has been totally opposed in America (Charlene, 2004: 273). Several attempts to adopt the reforms have been faced with great opposition including the last one by former president Bill Clinton. The resistance that the policy has faced in some countries like America has ended up costing the countries some extra money which could have been used in attending to the health of several individuals (Margaret, 2005: 556). This method involves the introduction of a levy to all members of a state to cater for their needs and the needs of the Medicaid in the country. The citizens are also required to make contributions towards a compulsory insurance. This has led to the determined opposition by some leaders and citizens in the country. In addressing the issue of medication in America, the current president Obama has explained how health insurance reform will provide more stability and security to the individual who have health insurances, coverage for those who don’t, and lower the cost of healthcare for families, businesses, and government (President Obama, February 24, 2009: 1).

Medication in America


America is the richest industrialised country in the world and is still facing a challenge in providing medication to all its citizens regardless of the cost. It has been noted that America is the country that allocates the highest amount of money towards healthcare in the world yet it doesn’t meet the health requirements of its population. The adoption of the current healthcare policy has been faced with severe oppositions and several attempts to adopt it have failed. President Obama has now addressing the issue once more and is willing to adopt the health insurance reforms. If adopted, the method will help to lower the cost of healthcare for families, businesses, and government.


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