Why Compliance Planning So Important To Health Care Organizations

Planning is integral to operations of many health organizations. Thus compliance planning provides guidelines for growth in health care and in controlling those organizations that may be fraud. It also helps in setting goals and the ways in which organizations will be able to achieve its goals in the long run. Compliance planning also facilitates those laws that can be used to promote early detection and reporting of problems before they develop into enforcement issues. Careful planning also decreases the loss of funds in health care organizations (Cooper, 2006).

Why is strategic planning an important managerial function?

It is important managerial function since it affects the performance of the entire organization by providing objectives and means of achievements. It is also a tool that guides an organization on how to manage relationships with environmental forces like competitors.

How can strategic planning concept be used to plan effectively for compliance in health care setting.

The functioning of health care to an extend depends on the effective functioning of the management thus there is a need to develop basic managerial functions that determine the running of the organization hence it is important to take into consideration the possibility of compliance and the necessity to satisfy compliance of the patients by having a compliance officer to lead do regular reporting to higher authorities (Glasel, 2007).

Why Compliance Planning So Important To Health Care Organizations


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