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Health is and has always remained to be a social issue. If in a society the health of a society is affected the normal functioning of a society is also affected. There are many factors that contribute to the health of a society. They include technology, equity in the society and also cultural beliefs.

Social inequality is the situation by which there is unequal distribution of essential needs in a community. It may take unequal distribution of resources or social priviliges.All these affect peoples health in one way or another. Social and economic resources are well known to be one of the contributing factors to unequal distribution in the outcome of health. On the other hand factors which are related to culture also have effect on health. Example of cultural beliefs that have effect on the outcome of health in a society includes the normative beliefs in the society, behaviours and knowledge. The issue of cultural capital distribution has great contribution to health issues in a socity.Class related cultural resources relate with the economic and the social capital in the process of structuring the choices and chances of the health of the people in a certain society. The material and non material resources have a relation with the risk and the health of a society. The position to get good health care services depends with a person financial position and also the interpersonal support that is available. For those people in the society who have ample capital resources they are in a position to get better health services in


the society and also they have lower risks while those who have less capital resources are at a higher health risks because they may not be in a position to acquire adequate health services.( Levy 2006).

Another factor that affects people’s health in our society is technology. Technology is dependant on various other aspects in the society for example the level of education of people. In a society where there is great technological development the health status of such a society is also high.

This is because the there are enough technological facilities to cater for any health issue that may arise. Technology also contributes to invention of various ways by which the health of the society may be improved. Technology has contributed to inventions of cures of many diseases which used to be a threat to many people. If we compare various societies the level of technology contributes to difference of the health status of the people. For the most developed societies the people are usually at les health risks and vice versa. However technology can also affects the health of people in a negative way. For example for those industrialized societies those societies usually are affected by the products of the industries that is one reason that there are many cases of pulmonary diseases in those societies. (Zweifel 2007).

Culture in many societies is the bases of the definition of health. In the past there are societies which would define diseases as curses or would relate health problems with supernatural causes. The societies had the own ways of dealing with those health problems. This has changed overtime as people realize some factors that have contribution to social health. The more people are getting much educated in our society the more people are giving health a more constructive definitions cultures. The more develop the more health in the society is developing. All the above factors makes the issue of health to be a social issue.



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