Schwan Food Company:

The Schwan food company was initiated by a 23 year old gentleman named Marvin Schwan in the year 1952, Schwan used his van to deliver ice cream to families in Minnesota in this year and this was the starting point of the company, today the company is a multibillionaire company selling frozen foods, the suppliers of its products are in over 50 countries and that the company employs over 20,000 employees worldwide

The company sells frozen foods to schools, chain restaurants, hospitals and stores, deliveries are made online, grocery stores and food service industries. The delivery of products considers the market segment of which customer is associated with, the location or area code and then the product code. The consumer first identifies the market segment he or she is associated with and the segments that exist in schwan industry include business and industries, convenient stores, college and university, health care, recreation and lodging, restaurants and bars and finally schools. The market segmentation of this company helps them to satisfy their customers more, this is because a market segment tends to have similar needs and attitudes towards a product, therefore the company is in a position to sell the products to that segment at a certain price, delivering the product in a different and convenient way and promotion of their product differently in these segments.

The area code is also a way in which the company is able to deliver its products in a more convenient manner, the area code provided helps the company to utilise their chain supply where consumer deliveries are made by the nearest distributor and this allows the company to do this in a convenient and fast manner and also minimise distribution costs.

The product code is also important in the delivery inquiry, the product code allows consumers

Schwan Food Company

to easily locate the product required, this is because the company produces many products and the product code aids in ease of identifying consumer needs and quick delivery. All the above have led to the success of the Schwan Company into a multibillionaire company.


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