Nutrition And Exercise

I am a potential educator in wellness and fitness female aged 43 years wishing to join your online learning program offered by your institution which I prefer because I will be in a position to take care of the family and at the same time further my studies, I am a married mother of two who is willing to devote time to become an excellent educator. I believe I have an obligation to use my talent in a manner that will benefit others in the society. This is because the science and sport management degree will gives me an opportunity to articulate my talents which will be beneficial to others.

I am highly motivated to success in everything, an example is when I did not discontinue my studies despite the political situation that faced my country in the early years of my life, these political unrests were caused by political, religious, and civil wars, this wars lasted till I turned 21, during this period we read books and solved scholastic case studies which my dad used to put together for us to work on while we are in the basement of the building where we lived hiding from injury and death.

At the age of 35 I dedicate my life to understanding the human body and I received a certificate in this field, however at my age now I am set to attain a degree, being a mother of two I gained weight over the years and now in the last ten year I have spent most of the time exercising and reading materials on science and sport management. This degree means a lot to me as I have great plans upon completion of this degree course because this degree will give me the opportunity to live a fulfilling life that I have always dreamt of all my life.

I am very determined to achieve set goals and objectives. My determination is evident from my achievement of certificates attained in this field. My strength as a student in your university lies mostly in the objectives I have planned to achieve upon completion of the degree, these objectives including helping other in the society, educating others regarding the science that lies inside the human body. And finally, help bringing up healthier generation.

Nutrition And Exercise

I also plan to provide excellent practices using my acquired skills as a professional and also as a compassionate person, cultivating my leadership role in the community as a profession in practice and employing latest knowledge and techniques in science and sport management practices. I plan to educate other son the significance of good wellness and fitness practices not only after completion of my degree but also during the period I will be undertaking my studies.

I am diligent in the pursuit of the science and sport management degree because I believe that the nutrition and physiology degree will offer me the opportunity to live a rewarding life which will be dedicated to serving others. I will pursue the bachelor of the science in sports management studies with the eager to learn and with the aim of gaining knowledge to help others.