Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing.

Essays are meant to give a solution to a certain problem from the point of view of the writer. They may be written to explain the necessary steps for completing a particular event or to argue a particular point. There are different kinds of essays e.g. descriptive, definition, narrative, persuasive, narrative, research etc. There are several steps in essay writing;

Choosing the topic-Before writing an essay, one needs to choose the topic that they will write about. The topic could be given by the instructor or the writer could choose their own. In any case, the topic chosen should be interesting to the writer. This makes the writing process easy and enjoyable for the writer. A writer should read relevant materials concerning the topic chosen so as to become acquainted with the material available on that specific topic.

The student should come up with many ideas then narrow them to the subject line. This helps in producing a quality paper as well as reduces the time spent in writing the essay. Before writing the final paper, one should also write down as many ideas as possible concerning the specific topic before narrowing up to the specific subject (Custom Essays 2009).

Research-This involves researching the main contents of the topic that one is just about to write about. It involves writing the background information as well as searching for all other relevant materials that will be included in the essay. They should also identify all the available sources for obtaining the materials necessary for the essay.

Write an outline of the essay-This represents the body of the essay. It is represented in point

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing

form and it gives a chance for the writer to represent the main points of the essay. It assists the writer to represent the ideas in an orderly manner i.e. from the most important to the least important.

Introduction-It involves an outline of the major issues covered by the topic. The introduction should be captivating so that the readers are encouraged to read more. It should be clear and impressive; if it is dull, the reader will not proceed to read but if it is impressive, the reader will be motivated to read more.

Body-This is the main part of the essay and it should be clear and relevant to the topic of study. All arguments and solutions should be clear and well evidenced. The body should be done in paragraph form with similar structure throughout the paper (Custom Essays 2009).

Conclusion-This final part summarizes the main points in the essay with the main ideas being stated again. It emphasizes the issue of concern for the writer. The conclusion should also give guidance on how the issues can be applied to real life problems. New concepts should not be included in the conclusion because it is just a summary of what has already been discussed.

How to write effective research papers.

It is the conclusion of the findings of an individual who has participated in the process of

research. The research paper depends on both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are when the researcher collects first hand information from the targeted group through either observation, filling in of questionnaires or through any other method of data collection. Secondary sources include collecting information form existing sources like books in the library or any other materials that was written some times past. There are two main types of research papers i.e. argumentative and analytical research papers. Research writing involves several

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing

steps which include: choosing a topic, identifying the audience, actual writing and conclusion.

Choosing a topic-The topic chosen should depend on the type of research paper the writer wishes to write. E.g. for an argumentative research paper, the topic chosen should be debatable. Analytical research papers begin with questions. The student should first of all understand the topic they are researching on as it saves them time when writing. After identifying the topic, the students should then brainstorm on that topic. Brainstorming is a good way of obtaining some of the basic ideas for a research paper. The students should record all the ideas that they come across about their topic (Schwartz 2009).

Audience identification-The researcher should identify the audience which in most cases is the instructor. Some of those research papers later may be presented orally and the student should be careful to address the audience in the right way putting in consideration the academic levels of the audience because different academic levels require different approaches. In this context, they should also consider other groups that may be interested in their work because one of the reasons a research paper is written is to make some new discoveries.

Research-This is a stage whereby the students use the methods of research appropriate for them. This includes the sources of the material that they require for their research paper. At this stage, the students also need to ascertain the amount of information they require form those sources. At this point, they are able to begin their research Schwartz 2009).

Writing- The students should write their papers in an interesting manner. The ideas should be clear and well presented. The introduction should be interesting and the conclusion should emphasis the main ideas presented. The body of the paper should also be well structured, clear and interesting.

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing

Editing-The students after completing their work need to revise as they edit their work so as to come up with the final copy of their research paper. This is a way of ensuring that all the errors are removed from the final draft and that there is a flow of information as well as the proper arrangement of ideas. This is the final step of research paper writing.

Model for writing thesis papers

Choose the topic-The student should consider the topic that they choose. The topic should be wide enough to address the important issues as well as the time limit required to complete the specific topic given. As soon as the student understands the topic, it is then easy for him/her to research on the topic. One should focus on the main ideas. The topic should be argumentative (Lynch 2009).

Need a timetable-Thesis consume a lot of time for a student and if they are not careful, they may end up spending all their time writing it To avoid this, the student needs to create a timetable that will guide them through. Thesis includes research which is done physically as well as an analysis of the results. For effectiveness in their studies, they may require timetables that could be made with the assistance of their instructors. This gives them ample time to research for their paper.

Explore- At times the topic may seem simple but it is not always the case and that is why a student needs to read more materials so as to come up with an idea for their paper. With these explorations, then one is able to come up with more new ideas that combined are able to produce the most interesting thesis (Lynch 2009).

Research-It is also important to write as one does research. This includes short summaries of

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing

what you read as well as reactions from those readings. This helps a student identify the number of sources they used as well as identifying the source of every material. Before one comes up with a final copy, they need to draft. Writing throughout this process gives a student an open mind which helps deal with new challenges that may arise in the process of writing.

Thesis statement-The students should ensure that their thesis statement is captivating and interesting for others to read. This statement should not be presented as a question because this may make it appear uninteresting; it should instead be presented as an argument. It should be relevant to the research and interesting to the reader (Lynch 2009).

Introduction-This should clearly introduce the student’s ideas and it should be interesting to the reader. It’s also important at this point to explain the importance of the paper.

The body-It should be well structured and the presented ideas should be related. The ideas should run from major point to other points which are supported by clear evidences. The ideas should be arranged in an orderly manner and in such a way that their arguments are clear. The reader should be able to answer any of their possible questions from what they read in the paper.

Conclusion-This should also be very clear and emphasize on the major points. There should be a clear flow of ideas from the introduction to the conclusion.

Editing-This should be done to ensure that all major and minor mistakes are removed. The student may appoint another person to proof read for them because at times, the student may not notice some of their own minor mistakes. After this, the student can print a final copy of their work (Lynch 2009).

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing

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Top Tips for Custom Essay Writing


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