Common Types Of Essay Writing

Great classical writers like William Shakespeare are a source of inspiration to present day aspiring writers because they strictly adhered to their specific sub-genres. There are many types of essays with each having its standard mode of writing. The major types are the argumentative, explanatory, literary, cause and effect and the argumentative essay. This article explores the main types of essays giving a brief overview on what each type deals with.

The most common essay is the imaginative in which one writes from his memory. It entails imagination and everything that is discussed therein is fiction. The essay requires that one be creative and picture people, events and situations in their ordinary life. A writer therefore creates fictitious characters to enable him tell his story. The essay employs the use of stylistic devices because the aim is to make the story interesting and enjoyable. Imaginative writing usually takes the form of compositions and in most cases use the first person point of view hence is subjective and limited in scope. Other forms of imaginative writing include literary materials such as novels and poems.

Another essay is the argumentative essay which is not an ‘argument’ per se but is an essay type that requires one to take a stand on a given issue. It requires a deeper level of intellectual ability and analytical skills. One can discuss given topic in either way provided that facts are adduced to support standpoint so taken. Argumentative essays normally revolve around debatable issues. one can, for example, write an essay on ’Murderers should be hanged’ which is argumentative topic where one can either choose to support the proposition or go against it. The argumentative is however subjective because it allows a writer to introduce his or her own opinions in the essay.

Common Types Of Essay Writing

The expository essay is one that focuses on the workings of a particular phenomenon. This essay can explain how a particular thing works, hence the name ‘explanatory’. It can also explain the thought processes and the way they operate. A form of explanatory writing, for example, is one that explains about how to cook ugali. The essay will therefore give a detailed guide by use of clear and conscise steps so that one is able to prepare ugali following the described procedure.

The field of literature has developed a literary essay that usually takes the form of a critique on a social issue or on a thematic concern. The essays may take the form of book reviews and analysis of writers. This essay focuses on a type of play, story or book. Literary essays are normally done by literature students in the course of their learning

The cause and effect essay presents a situation and asks the question why? Its major aim is to challenge readers to think further around the topic and make an attempt to provide answers for themselves. These essays therefore evoke our curiosity and challenge our intellect.

Given a topic therefore, one ought to identify the particular angle of approach since each academic writing requires one to strictly adhere to laid down conventions.