Steps To Write an Effective Essay

Essay writing is a task that requires careful planning, organization and a high level of commitment. Before the advent of modern technological advancements like the computer and internet writing was an arduous task, but this has greatly changed in modern times. Writing as a process means that there are a series of steps to be undertaken before one completes a writing assignment.

The first step before embarking on a writing task is choosing a specific topic from which one is going to write the essay. This is because there are many fields from which one can write and selection of topic provides focus and enables one to clearly delineate the field of interest.

The next step is to gather as much information as possible on the selected area. One should read material that is relevant to the selected interest area. Material should be sourced from a diverse range of sources for example, through the radio, refereed journals and internet. One can also consult figures of authority such as experts in the field. If one is bound to write about a particular disease, for example, it would be prudent to consult a certified health practitioner on health issues.

Steps To Write an Effective Essay

There should be a brief sketch concerning the methodology of operation .This is a rough draft that exactly shows the way one precedes with the assignment right from the start of the essay to completion. An outline will show, for example, where one is going to obtain information and the means of obtaining such information and also have a sketch of ideas in their generalized form.

An essay should have an effective introduction that invites the reader to the content of the story. Apart from being catchy and interesting, a good introduction should be able to capture in a nutshell what the essay will discuss. One should therefore take time and think about the suitable introductory approach

The introduction will allow one to start handling the stated topic of interest. Content should be presented in the form of paragraphs with each first line of paragraph containing a topic sentence. A topic sentence is important part of paragraph that cleverly gives the main point of what the paragraph is all about. A writer should then proceed with the paragraph by giving examples and using adequate illustrations to support each standpoint. The last part of a paragraph may also have a clincher sentence that summarizes the paragraph. The paragraphs should also be arranged in a way such that each paragraph talks about one main idea.

Unity is the threshold of effective writing. This is achieved through careful selection of themes that enable writer to deal with one storyline at a time. An essay should have an easily identifiable thread through which one idea leads into another. This can be achieved through thoughtful planning and careful choice of words. This unity is achieved through use of connectors and focusing on the main topic.

Steps To Write an Effective Essay

Subjectivity entails introducing ones on views and opinions to a piece of writing. this should be avoided An effective essay is devoid of a writers views and presuppositions good writer employs use of facts to support his arguments without necessarily making his presence felt in the essay.

Once one is through writing an essay editing is another important step that must be performed on an essay. It is recommended that one sets up a time frame of 24 hours from completion of final draft to the time when he begins to proofread and check work for errors. This enable for objectivity in the editing process.

The last part of an essay should have a conclusion which is a summarizing paragraph that cleverly concludes all that has been discussed in an essay. A conclusion can however call for further research in a field. Conclusions are important because they accord essays a sense of completeness to essays.

Steps To Write an Effective Essay