Secrets of Effective Essay Writing

In this current life, efficiency in writing has become a prerequisite. Each individual has got to learn how to be competent in writing. It is important in all the stages of life that an individual becomes proficient when it comes to the expression of ideas either in written or spoken form. Good communications skills are a vital component of life.

When it comes to the writing of essays, being effective does not only encompass the ability of the writer to analyze and to understand the topic that has been given, but the order in which the ideas gotten from the question have been arranged and communicated to the reader of the article. The following guidelines are essential in writing an essay:

The first step in writing an essay is the choice of topic. The topic that is chosen by the writer determines the quality of the paper. The student should ensure that the topic of choice is one that is not ambiguous. It should have a narrow scope. In the event that the topic is chosen by someone else for example the professor, the student should ensure that the essay’s topic is broken down so as to give the required meaning.

The second step should be arranging the thoughts required for the essay in the mind. It is important for the student to first think about the topic before transferring the knowledge into writing. This mind juggling is important since it gives the essay writer a broad perspective of the topic.

After juggling the ideas in the mind, it is important that the essay writer transfers the thoughts

Secrets of Effective Essay Writing

into paper. This should include the order in which the outline will appear with the topics and the sub topics. Ideas that are not relevant to the topic should be stricken out of the outline.

The beginning of the essay is very important. The content of the introduction either grabs the attention of the reader or gives him/her a negative effect of the overall essay. The introduction should show the reader that the essay writer fully understands the topic of study.

The essay writer should also ensure that the ideas in each paragraph are fully developed. Half baked ideas leave the concept and the essay hanging. Paragraphs should also be short and precise; prolonged paragraphs result into loss of meaning.

The essay should contain simple language. The writer should avoid jargons and the use of slang and other non official languages. The writer should use writing software that will assist in the checking of errors.

In essay writing, the temptation of using figures and graphical representations should be avoided. As much as they are very important in business presentations, they should be avoided when writing essays. Essays should be based on the word count and not the graphics.

It is also important for the writer to proofread through the essay before submission. This is important because simple rectifiable errors are determined and the corrections made. This is part of furnishing which is the final step of writing an essay. Furnishing involves going through the entire essay, checking whether the outline is correct and whether the meaning or the question that was asked in the topic has been answered in the essay.

Secrets of Effective Essay Writing

If the above points are applied by an essay writer, writing the essay will be an easy affair. It is also important that the student does a lot of practice when it comes to essay writing. As the old saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect.”