How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

The main body of essays is made up of a given number of paragraphs and this number depends on the length of the paper. Long essays are made up of several paragraphs while short essays are made up of only a few numbers of paragraphs. This paper will give the full details and steps on how to write a 5 paragraph essay. The initial step comes prior to writing an essay paper is for a writer to decide on the topic to write about. After choosing the topic, one can now go further to research and finding information on the topic. This information is what will constitute the essay. It is vital for the information obtained to be relevant to the topic of discussion.

A writer should ensure that he or she obtains enough information that will fill up an essay paper. While researching information, writers are advised to take notes so that they can note down the key point to be included in the main body of the paper. Note-taking also ensures that a writer does not forget the key or essential points while writing the final copy of the essay paper. The various sections that an essay is made up of include the introduction, main body and the conclusion. In this case the body will be made up of five paragraphs. Each paragraph should explain a separate point that supports the essay subject or topic.

Moreover, it is essential for a writer to give solid proves and evidence to support the key points discussed in the body of an essay. The introduction should introduce the essay topic and if possible define the key terms used in essay writing. The final statement of the introduction part is the thesis statement that is a single statement that briefly and precisely tells the reader the essence of essay writing. This statement may also give the stand of the essay writer with regard to the essay subject or topic. The main body is written after the introduction and this is where a writer presents his or her discussion. The body consists of 5 paragraphs which expound or explain the essay subject.

The final part of the essay is the conclusion that briefly summarizes what has been discussed in the main body. There are several students who do not have any idea on how to write a 5 paragraph essay. The key solution to this problem is for the students to look for custom writing companies that will give them sample essay papers and tips on how to write a 5 paragraph essay. It is essential for these students to do research which will enable them choose the most reliable paper writing company.

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