Essay Writing Tips

An essay is a short writing written by a writer from his point of personal view. Essay writing is currently a major part of the education system. They are taught to students to improve their writing skills, for admission purposes in tertiary institutions and performance assessment in social sciences. It is quite evident that essays plays a crucial part in the education and the students must come up best essays. The following essay writing tips may benefit to students in producing the best essays;

Choosing the topic, this is the most important step in essay writing. In essay writing the student must first decide on what to write about. The topic must be something that interests the student this makes essay writing more interesting and enjoyable. The student must go through several readings to find out if the topic is interesting and there are enough materials on the chosen topic. The scope of the topic also matters alot .If the topic is too general the essay becomes vague. A good topic should be narrow and specific this enables the student to furnish and generate interest for both the student and the tutor. The student must always bear in mind that the title is the concise synopsis of the essay. In case the title is in question format the writer must ensure the essay answers the topic.

Brainstorming is another step in essay writing. This is the best way to generate ideas thoughts that forms part of the solution to problem. This best done in group discussion and write down as many ideas as possible. The next step is to arrange the generated ideas into several topics and discard the irrelevant ones.

Essay writing involves doing research. The writer must find the background information on the topic. This is achieved through preliminary reading form the available literature such as the encyclopedias, dictionary and internet. This stage involves the survey of the relevant sources of information and ensures it is current, also ask yourself questions on what to expect from the

Essay Writing Tips

book this helps to systematize the work. Reading helps to find relevant arguments to support the idea and evaluation of the information found is important as it ensures the essay materials are authoritative and not trivial. The writer should identify and include the most convincing facts in the essay.

In essay writing there should be an outline. This is usually presented in the point form. It enables the student to evaluate the order of presentation, check the logic of the information and remove irrelevant facts. It includes the statement of the thesis, important points of the essay, sub points and the evidence of each argument. It helps to connect the points in the essay writing.

Introduction in essay writing is very necessary. This is the introductory paragraph it should be grabbing and impressive. It should seek to induce the reader to read the essay. It should be presented in a clear precise and captivating manner.

In essay writing thesis statement is very important. Essays contain controversial issues and thesis serves as basis of argument. It shows the writers personal point of view. The thesis guides in the course of essay writing. The formulated thesis should be in a statement form and should be the central part of the essay. Thesis statement must be in the introduction paragraph.

Essay body is the main part of essay writing. This where the student states his views and evidences. Each paragraph contains an idea and the supporting evidence. The body shows the write research and arguments. A good body paragraph should have a topic sentence to bring the main idea, assertions to support the main idea and a conclusive sentence.