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Jolie Vu

Whats the best way to start an essay ?

the theme is based on how do you feel when you work with a person whose background or ethnic is different from yours?

i was thinking to start it with soemthing stupid like some words of a song …

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Go with clever after you have finished the essay. Start with something simple like:

“I like to work with people different from me because i have learned many things.”

Then you can list some of the things that you have learned from all kinds of people, then you can devote one paragraph to each thing that you learned. Each paragraph should have 3 sentences. 1) Situation; 2) Conflict; tension, or novelty; and 3) Resolution, lesson, or new understanding.

And your last paragraph can summarize your new revelations and understandings.

If you want to look very organized, then take the paragraphs and put them into some converging order that climaxes into an epiphany…. Then you can be clever and go back to search for a song that is appropriate for an opening….


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How to start an essay would depend on what type of essay you want to write.

If it is an academic essay (for University or College) you always want to write an introduction where you explain what your essay is about, what your goal is, and what topics you want to discuss.

If, however, the essay is more informal you could use a quote, or the lyrics of a song. You could even alter the narrative order to grab the reader’s attention, and then go back to that point a few paragraphs later (journalism style, for example).

Remember to always reference all quotes and thoughts/ideas that are not your own, and to add a conclusion.

Good luck!


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Always start an essay with an introduction paragraph that contains sentences that summarize what the entire essay is about! Also end it the same way but rephrased.

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try to start it with a quotations or sayings or a little bit of story…

you can also start with question…

hope that helps…



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You could study.