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Is a chinese BA degree accepted in the U.S.?

If I get a BA degree in China,Will it be accepted in other countries. Mainly hte United States. I American and want to live in China but as a backup I need to be able to return here. Please and Thanks!


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Actually saw somewhere on the site where it said that. It said something like, for translations to be acceptable, they must bear the stamp or seal of the issuing institution or governmental agency and the original signature of the translator it has to be exact word-for-word. And the document must be prepared for goverment or an official translator. After that it can be provided with. Also, you must also submit official evidence of the conferral of all degrees, diplomas or professional titles and the date of the formal conferral (month and year). These certificates should indicate the exact name of the degree, diploma, or title as it is known in the country of origin and not in US terms.

Hope that helpes. =]