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Are you that petty that you will always point out?

other users spelling mistakes? this annoys me. People who use computers write lol and brb and yet they always point out spelling mistakes. Does it really matter?

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If one is so pedantic as to be obsessed with the spelling errors of others in YA, then this detracts the very purpose of YA as a forum.

Those who have been trained to pay attention to spelling would certainly find spelling errors horrifying. However, if they are genuinely interested in sharing their knowledge or viewpoint with the YA community at large, they would go beyond spelling errors and give honest answers.

All the same, spelling in some questions is so bad that it would be useful to politely point out the lapses, while giving answers. This could help the questioner to improve his spelling in future


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I am one who usually makes sure that my spelling is correct. But that’s only because I have a lot of friends that were english majors and gives me a hard time everytime I place an apostrophe in the wrong place or I mispell “convenience”. No there is no point in pointing it out, some people can point out spelling errors while other people just have better things to talk about :O)

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The Kelda
I am a grammar and spelling fanatic. I will detract marks from any assignment I mark for poor spelling/grammar.

However. YA is NOT a university assignment. Although I cringe at some sentences I don’t see any point in correcting people. This is not the forum for it.

I will, however, take out a red pen I carry especially, and correct signs I see at the supermarket….

I’m a sad, sad case 🙂


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No, I’m not that petty.

Many people on here have English as a second language and are trying to do their best.

Also people like me who are from other countries and spell words differently to America.

Example: defence, neighbour etc.

Then there are the people who truly can’t spell well.

Spell check will not correct sea instead of see; to, too and two. If you see what I mean.


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No, as long as I can understand the content of the question, spelling is not a big deal to me.