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What is a recommended requirement for MIT?

Hello everyone i have a question on what is a recommended requirement for MIT, such a GPA, SAT, Personal stuff etc…


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Juliu C

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All I know if you need scores very close to 100%!!!!!!!

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I would recommend the following:

1. Call the admissions office. they can give you the recommended requirement (which changes every year) and the averages.

2. Sign up for a myMIT account on the admissions website. This way, you’ll know when the rep from admissions comes to where you live. He or she will be able to answer a lot of your questions.

3. Disregard all the numbers. You don’t need a 4.0 (I didn’t have one) and you don’t need perfect SAT’s. You do need to be a unique individual who is passionate about math and science and about attending MIT. You need to be a person who has demonstrated knowledge and a desire to make this world better, whether it be through community service or other activities. You need to be a leader who is innovative and interesting. None of those things can be quantified, but all are important.

4. Take the most challenging classes you can and do the best that you can do. A 4.0 in easy classes won’t get you in, but a 3.2 in an IB program might still be sufficient.

5. When you apply, take advantage of the interview. It gives an alum a chance to give the admissions office a personal take of you and will help your application.

Most importantly, stop stressing and be yourself. I didn’t think I’d get in and I did. I wasn’t valedictorian and I didn’t have perfect scores. I don’t know why they accepted me, but they did. If they see the right stuff in you, then you’ll have your shot.


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Straight from the horse’s mouth, admissions stats for 2007:


Basically, you need very good (but not necessarily perfect) SAT scores, a great GPA, an obvious interest in the sciences (they like to see outside interests as well), extra-curricular involvement, fabulous essays and recommendations, and luck. MIT wants students with a genuine passion for learning, and their blogs are always talking about what makes a good “fit.”


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Dr. Mike
Definitely a 4.0 GPA.

Over a 2200 on the SAT, with especially high math scores.

Having something special about you.

Involvement with activities.

It is an excellent school, good luck.