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what does mean bug?

what does mean bug?

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It sounds like English might be an issue here. “Bug” is an insect, like a fly, mosquito, etc. It can also mean to irritate someone or something — “When my kids don’t clean their rooms, it bugs me.”

Hope that helps!


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The Corinthian
In English, it could mean many things – depending on use and context:


1 a : an insect or other creeping or crawling invertebrate (as a spider or centipede) b : any of several insects (as the bedbug or cockroach) commonly considered obnoxious c : any of an order (Hemiptera and especially its suborder Heteroptera) of insects that have sucking mouthparts, forewings thickened at the base, and incomplete metamorphosis and are often economic pests — called also true bug

2 : an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection

3 a : a germ or microorganism especially when causing disease b : an unspecified or nonspecific sickness usually presumed due to a bug

4 : a sudden enthusiasm


6 : a prominent person

7 : a crazy person

8 : a concealed listening device

9 [from its designation by an asterisk on race programs] : a weight allowance given apprentice jockeys


1 : to plant a concealed microphone in



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1.) six legged insect with or without wings.

Sentence ~ A cricket is a black bug that chirps at night.

2.) slang term ~ to bother someone or be a pest

Sentence ~ Please do not bug me while I am on the phone.

3.) device for listening in on conversations or for capturing videos without the person knowing.

Sentence ~ The room was bugged so the police knew about the kidnapping.

4.) a virus in a computer that can be gotten rid of

Sentence ~ I have a bug in my computer.

5.) to put a ‘bug’ in someone’s ear means to tell someone something but not to tell them everything.


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I am in agreement with the other posts on this answer. In more simple terms, a bug is:

1. A noun for an insect:

“There is a bug on the wall.”

” I killed a bug yesterday.”

2. A verb meaning to annoy.

“That noise really bugs me.”

“The neighbor’s barking dog bugged me all night.”

3. Sometimes we say “bug” to refer to a problem with an electronic device such as a computer.

“My television isn’t working right, there must be a bug in it”.

“I need to debug my computer; it is running slow.”

Hope this helps some too.


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Max A


1 bugs were crawling everywhere insect, mite; informal creepy-crawly, beastie.

2 informal : a stomach bug illness, ailment, disorder, infection, disease, sickness, complaint, upset, condition; bacterium, germ, virus.

3 informal : he caught the journalism bug obsession, enthusiasm, craze, fad, mania, passion, fixation.

4 the bug planted in his phone listening device, hidden microphone, wire, wiretap, tap.

5 a bug in the software fault, error, defect, flaw; virus; informal glitch, gremlin.


1 her conversations were bugged record, eavesdrop on, spy on, overhear; wiretap, tap, monitor.

2 informal : she really bugs me.