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What are 10 reasons that human rights are important?

For a project for my World Issues class, my teacher gave me Amnesty International as a topic and told me to write a ‘rationale’ consisting of a summary detailing any 10 reasons why the issue (human rights, in the case of amnesty international) is important and the relevancy of this ‘Global Day’ (Amnesty International Human Rights Day). Also, to justify my response with statistics/facts and case studies relevant to human rights.

It would be great if people could give me their opinion about reasons why human rights are important, because I’ve thought of a few, but think there are many that are better that I can’t think of.

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When human rights are not respected, nobody is safe. Without human rights it doesn’t matter what you do (or don’t), you (an innocent person) could be tortured, have freedom taken away from you, be turned into a slave, slaughtered etc. and there would be very little anybody could do about it. People would misuse their power. Human rights are supposed to protect people from that.

Human rights violations are happening in many places around the world. Both governments, armies and civilians are violating human rights and misusing their power at the cost of innocent people.

Human rights are basic rights that should be granted to every living human. Everybody should be treated in a humane way. Not respecting human rights is nothing but cruelty and there is too much of that in the world.


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well without them the gov’t would have more power

we could get overpowered and have a king as a ruler

people need protection

this is the best i could do sorry if i didnt help!!