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University of Maryland majors?

I want to go to University of Maryland and think I can get in. I have questions about majors though. How do you choose them. Can i double major in something say Business Management and Broadcast Journalism?

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Yes, you can double major, and you can double major in majors from different colleges (such as the business school and the College of Arts and Humanities). For more information on double majors, go here and scroll down:


The general “Business” major at the Robert Smith School of Business covers basic business management, but there may be other business majors that are of interest to you:


Depending on the number of required courses for each major (some majors allow for more electives than others), you may have to take extra classes some semesters, or stay an extra semester or two, to get all the credits you will need for a double major–but it’s definitely doable.

As for how you choose your major: you consider your interests and goals for the future. You take introductory courses to see if the major is really what you want to pursue. You explore. You talk to upperclassman about their experiences with the major. You learn as much as possible about the different career options for someone in your major.

Good luck.


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Tracey O
why don’t you MAJOR on one and MINOR in the other?