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Seattle Univ MBA vs Washington Univ MBA?


I am trying to decide about getting an mba from either UW or seattle U. Does anyone have any experiances about either programs? and what’s with this charity orientation that Seattle U keep boasting about?

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HaHa. I was just talking about this about an hour ago. I don’t know about Seattle U, but I go to the UDub for Economics. The MBA program was rated #3 in the nation in 2006 by the Economist magazine rating system. Also, the UW overall (all programs)is rated #16 and #22 worldwide by a couple University ratings for ’06

Heres current rankings



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base line: get the two. CPA: bypass after this common. Which course do you want to take? Tax or audit? you will want this to sign off on many stuff. A CPA is a ok respected credential – it is going to open many doorways for you interior the large 4, besides as someplace else. that’s greater decrease priced than an MBA, yet demands many hours of self reliant learn (i.e., cram and practice). MBA: Get this 2d. Already being a CPA will enable you to be well-known into greater useful classes, plus, a pair of years of paintings journey will help refine what you want to tailor your MBA in the direction of. maybe after doing tax or audit after some years you will particularly trickle over into finance, or do a substantial shift and bypass into merchandising and marketing or something alongside those lines. you will be able to make sure that company isn’t even something you want to do for a residing anymore so which you save your self the time and soreness of having a company degree. Plus, many companies (alongside with huge 4) will help pay (a minimum of fairly) to your MBA in case you bypass area time or weekends. in terms of comparisons: CPA: a foot huge and a mile deep MBA: a mile huge and a foot deep CPA + MBA = properly rounded man or woman