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Residence Hall Linens: Legit or Scam?

I will be a freshman at Florida Southern College this upcoming August. With all the hustle and bustle of buying all those college must-haves, I recieved a brochure and order form for “Residence Hall Linens” in the mail. Apparently it’s a company that gets kids to order through the school for dorm linens and things. They boast these Value Paks (Yes. Paks. *Shiver*) with everything from sheet sets to towels at about $190. What I’m wondering is whether or not this company/distributor is just a big scam with crappy quality, or if it’s what it’s cracked up to be. Any info would be great – especially if you’ve dealt with the company.


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They are probably extra long twin linens, which used to be hard to find. However, I have seen more and more of them in Walmart and Target stores and in Bed, Bath, and Beyond store. So I wouldn’t waswte your money on that company. Some residence halls don’t even have the extra long twin beds. Check the hall you’ll be in and find out. Then shop areound and find the right size linens you need.

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I’m pretty sure I got my comforter from that service or one like it. Remember, most colleges use “twin extra long” beds, which are not common and are therefore a bit difficult to shop for. I found sheets for my bed without much trouble, but we decided to order a comforter from the company and it is really nice and is holding up fine. I don’t know about buying into any “value pack” that includes towels or something like that… you can get that stuff really easily. Go around and do some shopping and compare prices before using this service.

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