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Ben B

What are the best colleges for Sports Marketing/ Sports Management?

I am a incoming high school senior with a 3.0 g.p.a and I know I want to do sports marketing and sports management, I am from Oregon but am totally willing to go to college anywhere else, preferably California/Arizona.


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A coach in my high school I attended during that time received his degree in sports management from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas and was a baseball player there. UH is a great school although out of state tuition is a lot higher than in-state tuition. For you, it could be a tough decision. Good luck in whatever!

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Some faculties to seem into: Indiana U. Syracuse Arizona State Auburn (AL) Boise State (ID) U. Colorado U. Connecticut East Carolina Iowa State U. of Kansas James Madison (VA) Michigan State Ohio U. U. of Oklahoma Oregon State Temple West Virginia Check to be certain those faculties present a software in exercises leadership (it possibly facet in their trade software). Indiana presents a few exercises-similar majors.