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Political Science and Teaching?

I’m currently in college doing undergrad, and right now my major is Political Science. I’m still not sure what I want to do when I get out of school, but I’ll probably either go to Law School or become a high school teacher.

My question is that if I graduate with a Political Science degree, but decide to go into education, how hard is it to get a teaching certificate, and how long does it take to get? And when I become a teacher is there a difference in how much I would get paid as a teacher with a teaching certificate, opposed to just getting a Bachelors in Education?

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Jason D

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Be a lawyer and take the LSATS!!!!!!!!!! I am a political science major, as well.

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I was in your situation a number of years ago. I majored in political science and then during the last half of my senior year in college wanted to teach. I had not taken any education classes and I was missing some history required courses.

I was able to take enough education courses (14 credits) to meet the requirements for what at that time was called a substitute license. I taught Social Studies for fourteen years and became an assistant principal and principal. I retired after 38 years of service.

Let’s get back to you. Each state has its own licensing requirements and you will need to contact your state department of education, local school district, or your college if they have an education department. They will help you. The process of obtaining a certificate or license usually takes some time because bureaucracies are slow. Most school districts will not discriminate on the basis of the type of degree that you hold but will look at your total credits (Some pay more money for a Masters or a Doctorate) A salary schedule may frequently be found on the teachers union web site.

Good luck. I was very happy with my career and found it satisfying but I also am a bit sorry that I did not become an attorney because I think that I would have been good at that.


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