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Pharmacy school?

this fall, i’m going to be a senior in high school. i’ve recently had a change of heart. i wanted to be a high school teacher for the longest time, but the pay will not work for me. i’m an intelligent girl and i’m assuming i will be able to handle pharmacy school. but i don’t want to fail out my first semester.

my question is: how hard IS pharmacy school and is it difficult actually working as a pharmacist? my other question applys to schooling. i’m a little hazy on the prepharm then apply to pharm school business so i was also wondering if i took pre pharm at Uconn, for instance, then i have to apply to a pharmacy school? and then with pharm D progams, you don’t have to do that.. do you?

thanks for anyone who actually reads this and can help! :]

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To answer your first question, pharmacy school is very challenging, but if you stay focused then it is not overwhelming. I did not have anyone in my class fail. I don’t think many people fail out of pharmacy school. As for working as a pharmacist it depends a little on the area your are working in. It is typically not hard work, but you need to be very meticulous to ensure it is done properly everytime. Pharmacy is also becoming more clinical and patient oriented.

All pharmacy schools have different criteria for what you need to apply. Look at the schools websites to determine what courses you need to take prior to applying. Once you have completed the course (whether or not you have a degree) then you can be accepted.

I would also highly recommend working in a pharmacy prior to applying. Pharmacy school is very competitive and the more experince you can get the better applicant you will become


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Some schools have options where you can go to college for 6 years and get a Bachelor’s degree and a Pharm D degree afterwards. I think you would be submitting only one application that way. That option would not give you a lot of flexibility to figure out whether you really want to be a Pharmacist before you get entrenched in the program.

Another way would be to go to a undergraduate college, take all the courses that you are supposed to take to go to pharmacy school (which are about the same as the courses you would need to take to get into medical school) in the 120 or so credits you need to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. You can major in anything you want. Then you can apply to Pharmacy School. A Pharm D would take 4 years to complete, beyond however many years you spent on your undergraduate degree.

I’m not sure how hard Pharmacy school is–I’ve never been there. I just finished high school and am considering doing pharmacy, but I am also thinking about a lot of other things.