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Masters in School Psychology/School Counseling?

Does anyone know of anyone who has their masters in school psychology/school counseling? Where did they go to grad school? Are they really working in the school setting or did they stray away from that, and if so, why? Also, approximately how much do they make per year?

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I’m currently going to graduate school for school psychology at a small state school. School psychology and counseling are different things. School psychologists give tests and work with special needs students. Counselors are guidance counselors and work with all students. Both take about 3 years of graduate work. You’ll earn a masters degree and a state certification. A school psychologist makes around $70,000 a year. I’m not sure about a guidance counselor.

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My Master’s is in Social Work, but I can tell you what I know of the counseling profession and different degrees.

1. You cannot be a school counselor, or guidance counselor (or even complete the degree) without teacher certification and I think 2 years’ classroom experience.

2. Most colleges and universities that have a graduate program in Education will offer the master’s of counseling in school counseling. It is for people that want to counsel young people in a school setting. However, the degree is not as marketable as social work. Many schools offer the bachlor’s in social work (BSW), but not as many colleges/universities have a school of social work that will offer graduate degrees in social work (MSW, DSW or Ph.D.) The disadvantage to social work is that many states do not have school social workers. There may be social workers that work FOR the school or district, but they are not filling the role or job description of a the school counselor that visits with students for emtional problems, etc.

Generally speaking, if you absolutely, positively, are 100% certain that you want to be a school/guidance counselor and will always want to do it and nothing else, (especially after your 2 years of teaching experience), go for this degree. If you would like to do any other type of counseling (adults, substance abuse, therapy, etc.), or branch into other areas of the social services, get your Master’s in Social Work. I can’t tell you how many people get their Master’s in counseling because they wanted to be a “counselor” and later have to return to school for a 2nd Master’s degree in Social Work because their first Master’s didn’t qualify them for the job.

Hope this helps and best in whichever field you choose.


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At maximum, a grasp’s degree in counseling could take you 2 years (previous your undergraduate degree). you are able to prepare independently with a grasp’s degree. you will possibly desire a license first, nevertheless. To qualify for licensure in maximum states, once you get carry of your grasp’s degree, you will could bypass the NCE (an examination), get carry of a million-3 years (reckoning on the state) supervised journey. After that – you are able to the two carry your very own shingle (i.e., open an workplace), artwork in an enterprise under somebody else (e.g., a wellness facility or community psychological medical employer) or artwork interior the colleges. terrific of success to you on your determination-making technique and your destiny educational/vocational endeavors, ~M~