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Is College Hard??

Im in high school now and I’m so worried taht college is hard…ahh!!

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Is college hard? Yes. Is college worth it? Yes.

You go to college to challenge yourself and to learn special skills and knowledge necessary to certain jobs. If college was easy for everybody then why go? Unless you plan on manual labor type of jobs (which don’t get me wrong, are very necessary to keep the world going) the opportunities for you are much less if you don’t go to college, especially because you are afraid it is hard.


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Mostly it’s demanding. At times hard. Math and Science subjects are considered hard by some people.

Largely it’s doing research papers with many citations, often in a format. This means you spend a lot of time in the libraries which are open 7-11 7 days a week.


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Dark Serenity
It honestly depends on a lot of things.

1: It depends on the college. Some colleges have lots of classes to select from, which leads me to

2: It depends on the classes you pick, some of them can be quite fun and come easily to you, while others you’ll have to work at.

3: It depends on the person. If academia in general is hard for you, then it may be hard. If schoolwork can be fun for you, it may not be.

Hope this helps. 🙂


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College is solely unique than top institution. It quite is a complete new global. I suppose you’re going to have an less complicated time seeing that you’re going to nonetheless be in top institution at dwelling along with your mother and father. Many elements give a contribution to the “drawback” of tuition. A very small component to that’s the exact institution paintings. The exact paintings content material will in general no longer be any more difficult than top institution, however it all relies. Kiss the times good-bye in which you would “memorize” definitions with flash playing cards and rating an A on a scan. College is suggestion orientated, this means that it’s ESSENTIAL so that you can honestly utterly comprehend what you’re being demonstrated on, extensive. You would possibly nonetheless have a category that makes use of a textbook with definitions and aids like that to HELP you comprehend the ones standards, however you might have categories that require you to learn very historic novels (which is able to suppose like you are studying a guide written in yet another language), and even case research books, in which the complete guide comprises article written through masters within the area. These are incredibly difficult whilst you are used to the culture textbook, seeing that you’re nonetheless anticipated to utterly comprehend what’s going on. Someone as soon as instructed me that nevertheless many credit score hours you are taking (so much complete-time pupils take are 15) double that quantity and that’s what number of hours every week you have got to commit to finding out. So if a category is three credit score hours, assume to research 6 hours every week by myself for that path. If you are taking 15 hours whole, assume to research 30 hours every week. Also, be mindful that during so much of your categories you’re going to simply have a midterm and a last, this means that that should you fail one, it’s DETRIMENTAL for your grade. You would get fortunate and feature a few fluffer features someplace however the majority of the time, you’re going to no longer. Some categories additionally could have the midterm/last strategies and require you to make use of a bluebook for each, which means it’s an essay examination. One essay to be able to examine part of your grade. It could be very annoying, and plenty of strain. Memorization systems in tuition don’t seem to be going to fly, so research quite difficult, and keep in mind to invite your professor or TA for aid if you wish to have it. Most are constantly inclined to aid you IF you ask for it, however in contrast to top institution, professors quite do not care should you cross or fail. Trust me. The toughest side of tuition isn’t the institution load despite the fact that, it’s studying the best way to “steadiness” your lifestyles. You need to be taught to find time for institution, social lifestyles, extracurriculars, and probably even paintings should you opt for to get a task. After you are out of the dorms and to your possess situation, you’re going to additionally have got to be taught the best way to pay costs on time, funds for groceries, and that is more difficult than it sounds. College is incredibly complicated, however it’s also THEE so much a laugh you’re going to ever have. Being to your possess feels first-rate, and NOTHING feels greater than checking an examination grade and on the grounds that you probably did good. Work quite difficult and you’re going to do nice.