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For a Undergrad Biology Major, what are the most lucractive career options besides becoming a physician???

U may also take into consideration that I have a 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

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Paulina R

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Not research, that’s for sure.

Any chance you could go from a bio major to an applied bio major as an undergrad? You will be happier if you can go right into a job after graduation. Like lab technologist.

Physician’s assistant, but that is nursing, not bio.

Physical therapy and Occuptinal therapist are masters programs now.

There’s drug sales, pharmacist–oh, that’s undergrad but not every school has it.

Gotta tell ya, a straight bio major isn’t really the best thing. Far better to graduate in an applied bio field, and then use that to enter med school or whatever, becassue you can get a job right out of college with an applied bio major.


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you could significant interior the historic previous of kittens and nonetheless get into med college. The trick is you in basic terms might desire to complete all the pre reqs for it (for the main area that incorporates: bio I & II + lab, chem I &II + lab, organic and organic chem I & II + lab, physics I & II +lab, biochemistry, microbiology, Calculus, information, anatomy & physique shape, and doubtless some others) So in case you opt for to locate a significant in some thing you detect basic and experience and be confident you do properly on your pre med instructions (:

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maybe biotechnology if you get a masters or PHd