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In America, What are the qualifications to be a Doctor ?

Where i live, i need certain points in my final exam and 4 year college degree….

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4 yrs college fulfilling premed requirements

1 yr each (bio, chem, physics)


orgo 1+2

all the labs etc

2 social sciences

2 humanities

2 writing

decent scores on mcats to get into

4 yrs med school

2 yrs residency


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It depends on whether you want to practice as a DO or an MD. As a DO you need to have certain number of college credits and certain classes. You then get admitted to DO medical school which is four years..then a two year residincy can get you into a family practice field. As with a MD degree, different residency specialities are different amount of years. With a MD you need a four year degree (also with certain classes specified). Four years of medical school, and then residency which at the minimum is two years….can be up to 4-5 years for a radiology specialty.

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You only have to have 90 hours of college credit to apply to medical school, which means roughly 3 years so you don’t HAVE to have a bachelor’s but you’ll be better off with one. You’ll have four years there and then one to two of residency. You’ll also have to take the MCAT and pass that to get into medical school.

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College then and medical school then internship about 10 yrs of school total.

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Four years of college, then medical school, then residency.

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