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the scope of power engg. in electrical engg.?

im planning to specialise in power engg. in electrical engg. but ive read ques. asked by other ppl on yahooanswers, and hav noticed dat many ppl.. have been changing their jobs/career from being a Power engineer to sumthin else in the same field of electrical engineering ie: working as a network engineer..and this makes me feel,.. dat the scope of power engg is lessening…could sum1 pleaz tel me da scope of power engineering ….

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I am an electrical engineer, who didn’t study power engineering but i have mostly worked in that area. I am finding no shortage of jobs in power engineering, although there have always been more job listings for computer and software engineers. Even if you specialize in power engineering you can still work on electronics and do computer programming. I do those things sometimes, too.

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E & I is almost a mix between digital engineering and mechanical engineering. The syllabus incorporates workshops which demands somewhat actual labour from pupils. so which you will detect a a miles less form of girls finding out on that course. yet in many cases, its an particularly good course in view which you will circulate into Electronics, or application or any container that includes mechanical engineering alongside with Aeronautics,army BTW, No company considers what course you studied.. its how lots you study. choose it on condition which you sense you may score greater.