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is a degree from walden university reputable in academia/business world?

I know this is a for-profit univ and also is based entirely online. I am wondering will having this school on my cv/resume give me less credibility in my career than someone who attended a traditional univ? What are your thoughts on these type of degrees?

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My wife, and many other teachers, are currently working on their Masters in Education from Walden University.

We know a couple of teachers who have received a masters from the university and haven’t had a problem with it.


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Online credibility is less than a traditional university. However, you can learn from either, you are only limited by yourself. Traditional universities give more face time, and better networking abilities. Also, online universities aren’t hard to get into- most of them do not require you to take an entrance exam such as the SAT, or GRE. A lot of thinking is that you can not learn from your colleagues if they are all “below the bar”-the same way that you could learn from colleagues who passed and scored well on entry level exams, which raises the bar of students you will be working with. If you are a self learner, and the on line university works for you, go ahead. Make sure it is accredited. They tend to be much more expensive. Some traditional universities have online courses. I would definitely check the level of degree and place of degree of your professors.

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