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im in my last year of college, and i don`t know what i want to study!?

I`m in my last year of college, but currently i am doing an exchange for one year in Chile

All my life i always wanted to study medicine to become a doctor and work in a hospital….

but since coming on my exchange i have created a new passion for foreign culture, languages etc

i tried looking up what careers there are in foreign languages, studying cultures etc, or maybe if i could somehow combine that with medicine, so far i havn`t had any luck.

So is there anyone out there that has any knowledge in this topic, or what i could do?

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go for the medicine thing…and try to become a doctor in another couuntry…there are american doctors all over the world…in little communities in africa…south america…

that could incorporate you love for both…

OR take some time off and pursue your love for other cultures…and travel…then go back to become a doctor…

you are young…you have a whole life ahead of you…you dont have to and should NOT rush into anything…dont worry that you are not sure…if you asked around you will find that you are not the only one in the same boat 🙂


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To be absolutely sincere, the excellent suggestion is to visit a neighborhood institution first. I made the error of going to a tuition as quickly as I obtained out of prime university. Personally, I wasn’t able to continue to exist my possess and as a consequence my grades suffered dramatically and I wasted a yr of institution and ended up again at a neighborhood institution besides. From what I have an understanding of, it doesnt subject what institution you begin at, it handiest issues what institution you graduate from. Do 2 years at a neighborhood institution, in the event you do a well task, you’ll switch to an excellent greater institution whilst saving two years of tuition institution. Employers and graduate colleges will handiest care that you just graduated from a tuition and that you just had a well GPA at that tuition. You retailer plenty of cash and can nonetheless have the equal possibilities in lifestyles. Just my opinion.