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I wanted to know if i was off to a bad start with two Bs before my first fall term in college?

I took a duel enrollment English 101 and 102, I made Bs in both of them, I feel bad that I am going to college with a 3.00, Is this bad or am I making it a big deal. I am majoring in biomedical science and plan to go to med school.

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you’re making too big of a deal. It’s too early to freak out. If you have a crappy GPA (and 3.0 isn’t great, but it isn’t the end of the world) by the time your med school applications are due, that’s a different story. Don’t forget, your MCAT scores matter a huge deal. Also, your essays, recommendation letters, etc.

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How you do in science courses related to your major is far more important. They are only Bs, Cs would have been more of a problem. Just work hard in your remaining classes and build relationships with your professors so that you can obtain recommendations from them for med school.