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I’m a HS Junior without a clue about my future…can you help?

Well as I stated, I’m a junior and I’m at lost about careers and colleges.I don’t have alot of money for college and my GPA is around 2.9,or atleast it was last May.My grades have been 3 A’s or B’s and one D since then.I don’t know what I would like to do for a career!I’ve changed my mind so many times the last couple years,and I think my grades suffer because I don’t know what I want yet so I don’t work as hard for them.

Here’s some things I like to/or am good at:










10.costume design

…I want a good paying,BUT fun job that I will enjoy and like going to or doing everyday.Also,I want to go to college and have that experience but that isn’t looking to bright right about now and I don’t want to end up working in a factory or restaurant all my life.

Do you have any realistic ideas or plans that I can do to decide on a career and college?

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Seung Hee

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I suggest going to a college in your home state. A lot of big universities have things similar to what you’re looking for and by it being instate it will be cheaper for you. Also, a lot of people go into college unsure of what they want to be, and even if they do a lot of people change their majors. On average people change their majors between 3 and 5 times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope that helps!


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Hi. If you really are interested in going to a good college and making something of your life, start by doing your best even if you don’t know what it is you want to do. Grades are one of the most looked at for competitiveness(?). So, it’s important that you boost your GPA because all of the courses that you are taking are GE(general ed) so if you don’t do well now, you’ll repeat many of them and that just sets you back. Secondly, don’t feel alarm that you don’t know what you want to study, many people switch majors many time before finally knowing what it is they want to do. More importantly, ask yourself, have you gotten your feet wet? If your interested in cooking, have you taken a cooking class that is offered in high school? This is a place where you explore your interest in your electives. Taking an art class, a philosophy class, and etc… if one subject really interests you, really look into it. I believe that any education you want to pursue will pay well, you just have to know what works and what doesn’t. The only way to gain that is through experience. From the list you provided, I could see you being a cosmotologist. It allows you to utilize your creativity emphasizing make-up, fashion, and designing accessories. My sister is a cosmotologist, it took her about two years to earn her license and although she started out working at supercuts, she is now a manager at 22 and is doing very well. (lives on her own, pays her rent, and drives a nice car). You mention you are an organizer, you like music, movies… how about a major in communications? it is broad and can open doors to televsion (anchor?) or radio(dj and etc…) With the hair industry, you can educate yourself and work for a well established spa (resort and boutique) which pays great!! I have my license in massage and worked for Silverado Resort in Napa, CA and I was making $38.00 an hour upon graduation and the cosmotologist and esthetecian weren’t far behind. The thing is, everything you learn, every class that you take educates you more and as an overall person, you have all these experiences under your belt, so even if you switch majors/careers, you will not just be at point nothing, you will have taken a course somewhere a long the way that will, in time, open your eyes to what makes you happy to invest your efforts in. Senior projects are coming up next year for you, have you thought about what you want to do? Design a dress? See if fashion school is what you want to pursue after highschool. Or do a volunteer of interest in the sciences!! it will expose you to the wonderful oppurtunities of medicine (nursing, doctor, pratitioner and etc..) Whatever you choose, it’s deligence, hard work, and determination that will get you the job of your dreams!!! So for now, improve your grades because every class counts!!! Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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You don’t actually need to *know* what your career will be right now. In fact, you can take the first year or so of college as an opportunity for you to explore a few of the fields you’re interested in – say, take a class in fashion design (or fashion marketing), one in writing/literature, one in business, and one in theater, and see what you end up liking.

But based on what you list there, I think you may actually like technical theater. It incorporates a lot of what you have listed – the make up, the fashion, costume design, organisation, music, and movies (in a way.) If you were to major in costume design at a university, or tech theater with a specialisation in costume design, or wigs, or theatrical make up, you could actually do really well, coming out of the program. I have several friends who did this, and they make good money doing jobs that they adore.

If you did choose to go to college, your best bet might be to go to your local community college, if they offer tech theater classes (sound, lighting, stagecraft, makeup, costume, etc.) It would be the least expensive option, and they would accept you despite your lackluster grades. If you did well there and got your associates, you could transfer to someplace like Emerson, as some of my husband’s theater students just did, to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

You could also go straight into a four-year university, not going to a cc first. But with your grades, you’ll be going to less highly ranked universities – Emerson and schools like it probably won’t be an option. That might be fine, if the school is decent and reputable, so it’s certainly a good option. A 2.9 isn’t horrible. Check out your local state college, and state university, as low cost options. And apply for financial aid! Use the FAFSA. Your guidance counsellor can explain.

Talk to your guidance counsellor about finding a list of universities that offer majors that you think you might be interested in, and which accept students with your GPA. There will be *plenty*. Go in “undecided”, with no major (most students do this.) Use that first year to explore, and then pick a major.

I’m thinking a college like Five Towns College may be a good fit.


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Do not feel bad about not knowing what you want to do with your future. I am 28 and I still do not have a clue…I went to college right out of college, as its natural in my household and because I was good at Science I chose nursing…have a degree and havent used it. I am back at school currently as an Accounting major, I like the versatility of the major and also I own my own business. The best thing I would do is start college and get your general education requirments done and out of the wya. The best thing abotu the GE is that you get to take classes you normally wouldnt choose, but it gets you to see different majors! Take your time…..find whats right for you!