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i have absolutely no idea what i want to do when i go to college. any suggestions?

i have always enjoyed watching shows like CSI and Law & Order but i don’t want to be a lawyer. and i have always been good at science and communications skills. when i took my ACT test, i scored really well in math and they recommended doing soemthing with numbers kinda like taxes but i dunno if id ahve any fun with that.

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Fear not. Like millions of college students that have come before you….start out by taking required classes and a few others here and there (biology, astronomy, computer science, psychology, philosophy, antrhopology, nutrition, chem….etc, etc)

You’ll find that some appeal to you much more than others and think “hmm…I actually really like this subject!” and you can declare your major from there. 🙂

Just remember to use www.ratemyprofessor.com when you’re signing up for classes to see the best teachers for the classes you want.

Good luck!


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I definitely recommend first do like you are doing and do some introspection to determine what interests you, what you like, etc. and look into what majors will fit into those constraints. It is good to also see what kind of career(s) will follow that will allow you to make a living that you will be content with. Remember, it is not just about the money; you need to find something that you will want to get up in the morning every day and do for potentially 30 years! But DO remember, you DO need money to live; sometimes I see some people major in something just because it interests them, but it’s like ‘where are you going with that when you graduate?’ Anyways, my point is do what you can to find something that will seem acceptable and choose it, but remember that nothing is perfect, and you will have times that you will have doubts and say ‘what was I thinking picking this major?’ DO NOT second guess yourself!! If you had good reasons to make a choice in the first place, unless there are extremely good reasons to change later, you are best off after you make your choice to GIVE IT YOUR ALL and FINISH. Life is dynamic and just because you finish with a major that you may change your mind on later, does not mean that you can’t do almost anything you want later (within reason of course). By working hard in school at what you choose, you do learn a narrow scope of knowledge for a potential career, but when you start that career, you will then learn new things specific to that career, and you will also learn nonspecific skills, etc. like dealing with coworkers, customers, yourself, your family……. Okay enough digression. Good Luck to you.



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Forensics seems like something you might want to go into if you’re into CSI and Law & Order and like math. For the most part, you’re going to need schooling that requires a lot of emphasis on sciences – majors like biology or biomedical, chem, etc.

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Finance and Accounting are good majors to go into with great earning potential.

If you are good at Math and Science you might want to look into Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.