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Academic Probation?

I got a letter from my college, this is what it reads..

“This letter is to inform you of your academic standing with State Center Community College District. Our records indicate your academic standing as of the end of the Spring 2007 semester is A1”

*A1 = Level 1 Academic or Progress Probation students must attend a probation session or meet with a counselor.

I had 3 classes, I passed one with a B and failed the other two because I stopped going. Any suggestions on what to do? Will this affect me when I want to transfer to a University?

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This shows what happens when you assume something rather than investigating to be sure you have accurate information.

You may need to retake those courses to remove the failing grades and hopefully replace them with something much better. Talk to your advisor and ask him or her about the best plan of action. Right now you would not look like a good bet for any other school so you may need to stay where you are and “prove yourself” first.

Read your college catalog. I am sure it gives detailed information about your responsibilities and procedures for things like enrolling and withdrawing from classes.


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Your professors didn’t know that you just wanted to quit, so your name is still on their list and assumed you are still in the class. Make sure you actually withdrawal next time, although some universities only allow a certain amount of withdrawals. I would retake those classes so the F’s are gone. If you are going thinking of transfering to a university right away, I would wait. Most likely they will not accept any transfers if you are on academic probation.

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I did the exact same thing you did (in thinking they’d be dropped) back in the day when I was 17 and just starting college. I dropped out shortly thereafter. Flash forward to when I was 26 and trying to get into a university. I had to go to a community college until I could pull my GPA up to a 2.5 in order to get into their school. I’d see if there is any way they can give you a “W” (withdrawn) for those classes – it’s unlikely, but you can give it a shot. Otherwise, you just have to make sure your GPA stays at an acceptable level beyond this semester before you apply to a university. (BTW, I’m 34 now, and still working on my B.A. – get it done now – hopefully before you’ve got a family and a career to worry about besides!)

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Corey D.
There is a process to dropping classes, it does not involve absence. The best thing to do is to get in touch with your academic counselor.