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Tony B

I have 10 yrs worth of A/P & A/R experience, will getting a A/S degree in accounting. help me in the long run?

P.S. I’m not interested in obtaining my bachelors because it takes too long, so my debate lies with getting an AS in accounting or getting my certificate in Payroll.

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I’d go with the AS in accounting. I’ve never seen those certificate things do anyone any good.

Basically all the AS will get you is the ability to say you’ve had postsecondary education and/or a college degree because of the amount of experience you have. But, that could be a valuable credential in coming years as companies continue to increase their education requirements due to the constantly increasing proportion of people opting to go to college.


A few days ago
Sybel H
I recommend the A.S. because if you decide later to get the B.S., you will be ahead of the game and holds more weight than a certificate in payroll.

Most colleges have a CLEP program where you can test out of this class. Also there is another program where you can get college credit for life experience called DSST. I highly recommend doing both because in the long run it will save you time and money.


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it takes too long tells me that you into instant gratification or close too it………which is the wrong attitude towards learning and education………..anyway………i would go for the certification………it would probably take less time and would be more usefull if you plan to stay in the a/p field