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How long should I study daily for the gmats?

i plan on taking it in august, but how much time should I spend reviewing daily, now I’m at about 30 min, but the math i havent done in a while, should i increase to an hour?

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A few days ago

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The best way to study now is:

1.The first thing u should stuck to is the daily revision of what you know. You can divide your total time and should give a big part for revision. I feel the best way of revision is that revise it before going to sleep and again revise it after waking up.

2.As per Maths is concerned U should Go slowly but steadily and only what u can revise that much u take in for a day.

Don’t go by hours go by capacity of your mind and interest in the subject.and don’t take anything in studies as burden otherwise u will panic in the end.

OK God bless u.