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Hospitality Management where do i go?

I live in Holly wood Florida and i need to know a school that i can attend and what level to start at.I just can here to live and i dont know much about this place so help me i what ever way you cam.

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Cornell University has a world renowned hospitality management school. If you can get in, it is THE place to be. Other than that, you can search on the collegeboard.com and search under “majors”.

Good luck!


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You don’t say what level of education you have, so I can’t advise you on what level you should start at. If, however, you’ve graduated from high school and haven’t gone to college yet, you’ve taken some college courses, or you’re not familiar with the area yet, you don’t have to go straight to a university; you can always enroll at a local community college (CC) and transfer to a four-year university later. It’s cheaper and it’ll give you a chance to figure out what hotel/hospitality management program out there is best for you.

Here are some links to help in your search:

A list of some culinary arts and hospitality management schools in Florida:


University of Florida – Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism (click on Tourism and Hospitality Management):


Here’s the website for Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management:


Rosen College of Hospitality Management:


A search for colleges and universities – Hollywood, Fl:


A search for colleges and universities – Florida:


Good luck. I hope you find the right school for you.


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Here is a website for US colleges: www.utexas.edu/world/univ

For more general career info and ‘additional resources’: www.bls.gov/oco and search ‘hospitality manager’ or ‘hotel manager’.