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Good School for Secondary Education?

I am thinking about transfering schools. I currently go to Oakland University in Michigan. I like the school a lot but I feel like I should go somewhere else for the final two years to finish my degree.

I want to get a degree in Education but with enough free credits to take whatever other classes that interest me. Basically I’m looking for a loose curriculum for a major in secondary education. First of all if you know any schools that have that then let me know.

Second of all here are the schools I’m interested in transfering to:

Grand Valley State University

University of Michigan

Wheaton College

Notre Dame

Boston College

Michigan State University

Wake Forest

Loyola Chicago

…. I am open to suggestions. I’m looking for a school that has a great Christian Student Org, a great teacher’s education program…. open to suggestions.

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Big Biscuit

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MICHIGAN STATE!!!!!! Beautiful campus, great city.

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You mean post-secondary. Secondary is high school. All of the schools you mention have pretty strong overall academic profiles (well, except for GVSU and MSU, and now that I think about it, Loyola’s not that great either). Chances are you might go to one of them (assuming you get in) and find that you like a different field, one that the particular school in question does better. It’s too bad you’re not a girl since you’re looking at Notre Dame because their sister school, St. Mary’s, has the best education program in the country (according to rankings that purport to know these things).

The only way you’ll really figure this out is if you take the time to research the schools in question, call up their admissions office, see what it takes to get in, see if they even offer an education major, what the requirements are for that, and how much of your credit would transfer and be applicable from Oakland. As far as the “great Christian Student Org”, three of the colleges you mention are Catholic, and I’m sure the other ones would have information about student groups/clubs/activities on their websites.

Best of luck!