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future……helppppp =[?

well at my age you might say dont worry about your future now but i cant help worrying about the big picture

basicaly my question is

what classes throughout my highschool years and upcomming college years at (university of chicago ) where i hope to study economics , should i take to achieve a base salary of 50k before im 25

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Learn as much Math, Economics and Sociology as you can. Take any advanced classes that you qualify for, and participate in extracurricular activities

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Benjamin C
So you are going to be a U of C Econs major and you want to make money. Simple. Take mathematics, preferably to the level of analysis. Do the Statistics cognate sequence 244-245. Take Econometrics (Honors) ECON 209. Then do Econometrics B (211). If you want to do consulting, take classes in labor organisation (ECON 280). If you want classes in Finance – ECON 250, 251. It is also not uncommon for undergraduates to register in Graduate School of Business classes. In any case, I cannot but stress the importance of math and econometrics.

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In addition to the above, participating in sports and volunteering makes you a well rounded student. Take all your classes seriously! I can’t tell you how important your English classes are; being articulate and writing well are important in every job.

Also, follow your interests. You can only be the best when you enjoy what you are doing.

good luck.