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Explain the US environmental policy?

Explain the US environmental policy?

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This is a tough question – mostly because it’s a big one. The US’s environmental policy varies depending on what part of the environment you’re looking at.

A good place to start for information is the US National Environmental Policy Act, which breaks down the various areas of Environmental Policy and the guidelines for each.


Their FAQ is probably most helpful – NEPA seems to be the cornerstone of US Environmental Policy.


You might also want to see President Bush’s policy. It’s listed on the White House page at http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/environment/.

For some overviews of the policy and changes since Bush took office, try these New York Times articles:

– On Environmental Rules, Bush Sees a Balance, Critics a Threat By DOUGLAS JEHL

Published: February 23, 2003

– Undermining Environmental Law

Published: September 30, 2002


(Discusses the NEPA)

Good luck!

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