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Do you think it is a good idea to take SAT?

my sophmore year, i’m going to be a sophmore,

my dad wants me to take it sophmore,

i’m going to memorize 5000 SAT words within 3 months, my essay and reading is good, i’m not going to take any sat prep class or whatever, i also finished algebra 2/trig class with an A, i’m also going to do a grammar workbook this summer,

do you think i should take the SAT I my sophmore year? i’m going to do self-study, i have not taken psat also

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Well if you pass it and score well enough to get into the college you are aiming for, then do it now, you won’t have to worry about it again. But be careful… scores do expire. I took it in the beginning of my Junior year and passed with ease… its really not that difficult if you’re an A-B student.

Also, if you aren’t strong in either Math or English, and want something to even out your score, take the ACT instead. People who aren’t strong in one or the other tend to do better on the ACT, its adds a small section of Science to boost your score. I did good enough to get into college with my SAT score, but my ACT score was GREAT and really gave me an edge over other students applying. Something to think about… take both if anything, and submit your higher score.


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The only reason that you shouldn’t is if you think that you can do better your Junior year. I would wait, and take it 2 or 3 times next year, so that you get the best score possible.

No matter what you decide, take the PSAT in your Junior year. You get National Merit scholarships from performing well on it.

Take it this year, as well; you wont get the scholarships yet, but it is excellent practice.


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take it as many times as you can to see how your score goes up. take it twice as a sophmore and three times as a junior- you’ll go higher and higher if you keep studying. good luck!