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what are my chances?!?!?

chance me!

im going to enter senior year with a 4.07 average gpa out of 4

I have a 3.66 unweighted gpa

i am top 8% out of 775 kids

i have an ACT score of 29

ive taken Bio AP (got a b), Calc BC AP (got a B), US AP (got an A) this year

next year im going to take Chem AP, Calc 3 & Diff Eq AP, Stats AP, Euro AP, Eng AP, Span 4 AP

Basically, ive taken the most challenging curriculum my school has offered

my activities are:

Cross Country and Track (not varisty)

National Honors Society

Committee Chair for Lumanaria/ Sponorship for Relay for Life

Founder and President of our schools South Asian Society

Over hundred hours of Hospital Volunteering and am Volunteer Committee Chair at my hospital

Peer Jury/ DARE/ Rush Corp Leader

Over the summer i volunteer as a Summer Camp Director

Treasurer of Key Club

(no working experience but i am looking for a job)

Delegate at the 2007 II DIstrict Key Club Convention

This summer i got accepted to this health science program at uic.

sat 2 : bio-640, math level 2- 800

On the ap test:

Bio: 3

US History: 4

Calc BC: 5

Chances at Univ of Ill/ U MICH/ WASH U@ ST Louis for engineering?

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Denise T

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Chances are good for all of them. What you need to concentrate on is getting ALL of your paperwork into all colleges ASAP. The earlier applicants do have an advantage over later applicants–they’ll save some spots but they do reach a Limit. (I work @ one)

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sharon m
You know grade are only a small part of the process. Your look fine. These are state schools and they have to take in state students first. You are well rounded in activities. Are you applying for financial aid from the schools ? This affects your chances . (they say it does not but that’s a lie ) Write a really good essay and you should be fine. Good luck