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Distance learning?

Distance learning is a very useful way to enhace our skills.Can anyone let me know the most reliable institute to earn degree.Pleasr bear in mind that I live in Pakistan,so I need such institute who offers degrees globally.Thanks.

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Salam Alaikum

sisnce i see you living in Pakistan you are my co national. if you are looking forward for a bachelors degree

you can do it fromHeriot Watt university.


there are other universities also globally that provide distance but i have done my BBA from here


and all the best

to reach me mail me at

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ankur g
god morning dear,

Greeting of the day!

i my view that icfai(The Institute of Charted Account of Finance of India) is the better option for d-learing. Actually i belong form INDIA and in india ICFAI having a great value & standard of higher education but i don’t know that that i provide education in forign.

u can contact me on [email protected]